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Accessory Buildings



The most common accessory building that the usual homeowner would be dealing with is a detached garage or workshop.

Regarding workshops please be sure to read the article  Work Shop Wiring

I would strongly recommend asking our experts on MEGA DIY Forums regarding the correct method of running wires between the home and the accessory building as well as circuit methods depending on how the area is to be used as our experts on the forums work everyday in the field and have a great deal of expertise in this area better than I.

Electrical codes can vary and in all likelihood you may require a sub-panel in the accessory building itself along with an earth grounding rod in that location. 

Also read the article called 'Sub-Panels' regarding the use of sub panels.

Again if dealing with a workshop as mentioned make sure you read the article on workshops on this website.

By: Donald Kerr

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